Wellness basketball program

In 2019, Aspire for Higher received funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada under the Mental Health of Black Canadians Fund. With this funding, we created a comprehensive curriculum to educate Black boys in grades 7⁄8 on mental wellness. This curriculum consists of a competitive basketball league and wellness learning sessions that occur twice a week over the course of 12 weeks.


Due to current COVID-19 regulations, the first cohort of this program will be completely virtual and will run from the week of January 10th to the week of April 3rd. Participants will have two, 1- hour virtual learning sessions per week and will receive a $200 honorarium for their participation.


Information will be collected from participants regarding their current knowledge of the curriculum topics and their experience in the program. 


The topics included in the curriculum are:

● Intro to coping mechanisms

● Critical Thinking

● Healthy Relationships
● Mindfulness/Meditation

● Active Listening

● Anxiety 101
● Reflection/Journalling

● Problem Solving/Conflict Resolution

● Depression 101
● Communication, Part 1

● Goal Setting

Participation Requirements:

  • Self identify as Black

  • Male

  • In Grade 7 or 8

  • Willing to participate in surveys and focus groups about their experience in the program