I was in the Elite Camp and the top 40 elite camp. My form better and it was an amazing camp. I met a lot of influential people at the camp.

Dillion L

Brampton, ON

This is an extraordinary program that allows for children 12 plus to remain engaged in physical activity during the summer months.

Monique C

Brampton, ON

Amazing camp with talented instructors. Our son learned to improve his techniques and shooting abilities from attending A4H.

Gewndeline V

Brampton, ON

Awesome program.  This is his 3rd year coming back as he does not want to go to another camp.

Leslie B

Brampton, ON

My son attended A4H last year and he loved it!!! The coaches were amazing and very knowledgeable about different basketball skills and drills. My son is super excited to attend basketball camp this summer and has been counting down until the start of camp.

Chantelle S

Brampton, ON

Great activity for kids...affordable pricing and convenient locations available.

Dainan R

Brampton, ON

Great program, returning for the 4th year! Keep up the excellent work.

George N

Brampton, ON

I had looked into the 'City' program last year & wasn't impressed, so I googled & found your camp.  I was so impressed with how structured your camp was & how much she learned & improved in just one week. I would recommend & have recommended this camp to everyone! You run a fabulous program! Keep it up! 

Anthony D

Brampton, ON

Great program and wonderful staff. Our kids look forward to A4H Camp every year I recommended this camp to everyone! You run a fabulous program! Keep it up! 

Sindy A

Brampton, ON

Have attended the last 2 summers. Love it!

Suzannee M

Brampton, ON

My son has been attending A4H since he was 5 years old. He's 8 now. I have seen his skills and confidence improve greatly among many other things. We owe this to the great staff and coaches! He will continue to attend every year for as long as he can :)

Michelle D

Brampton, ON

I attended for the first time last year. I am really impressed with my son's improvement in basketball. His jump shot is pretty impressive. He had a very good time and only spent two weeks. The program was definitively quite effective.

Diedre D

Brampton, ON

Somehow, you have staffed your programs with positive, strong, fair and encouraging coaches. What a great environment for kids to learn!

John T

Brampton, ON

My son loves A4H basketball camp! The coaches are interactive, kind, and a lot of fun. He can't wait to go back.

Samantha T

Brampton, ON

It was very effective in developing my son's basketball skills. It also helped in building his self-confidence and team spirit.

Nicholas A

Brampton, ON

My son had an amazing time. He learned a lot of techniques and enhanced his social skills as well. Very pleased with the staff and program.

Stephanie L

Brampton, ON

All four of my children have attended the program since it started and they've all loved it and look forward to it every year.

Messy D

Brampton, ON

Great camp, last year my son loved it and wished he went for more weeks.

Cindy A

Brampton, ON

Last year was my daughters first year and she has picked up skills in one week that she couldn't pick up in her rep program.

Annette D

Brampton, ON

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