Aspire for Higher (A4H)

Aspire for Higher is a not for profit grassroots organization who has provided basketball programming for youth in the Greater Toronto Area since 2013. We offer a variety of youth programs for children aged 4 to 17 including: introductory basketball programs, development leagues and summer camps. Our unique basketball programming is built off of Canada's Sport for Life Long Term Athlete Development Model - it is athlete-centered, coach driven and government, sport science and sponsor supported. It is through our unique programming that our organization is able to facilitate a clear path to better sport, greater health and higher achievement among athletes. 

Having all played university basketball at the highest level in North America, the A4H executive team understands first hand how valuable skills developed through participation in sport are. Our curriculum and programming builds on the understanding that sports are a great way to develop goal setting and teamwork skills and tools to help manage adversity - all of which can be applied off the court.


To encourage youth to aspire to reach their highest potential through participation in high level athletic programs

To provide leadership and mentorship opportunities to youth in order to foster growth and development into community leaders and responsible citizens

To provide accessible programming to all youth - nobody gets left out

To change the lives of youth through the development of sustainable, empowering and high level sports programs. Our vision involves integrating the development of a myriad of life skills through the discipline of sport and incorporation of Canadian sport policy best practices. To create and implement a variety of accessible programs targeted to increase sport participation rates, promotion of health (both mental and physical), and overall leadership potential of youth